Summer is Coming!

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Summer is Coming ...

Finally some sunshine!  Yes, summer is coming. 

How will you care for your hair? 

After that long draggy winter (don’t get me started) we definitely deserve all of the glorious sun!

If you dig back into your memory bank, you’ll remember previous summers and how humidity can wreak havoc on your luscious locks?

  • Sun causes colour fading.
  • Wheat blond locks can turn gold
  • Your beautiful brown is now orange, or
  • Your radiant red now pink?


The list goes on and on for how the summer sun, that we love so much, can affect your hair!

Ask one of our stylists which of the summer sun hair products we carry is best for your hair. Eduction is important to us … it’s key that you understand how to best care for your hair in between appointments.  We can help you select the right hair care products for your hair and for the time of year.

Let’s celebrate the summer sun and getting outside together!

See some of our in Studio hair care products here (click here).


We know your hair has been through a lot the last few months.  If you have dry ends and very tired looking outgrown hair, that’s okay!

Maybe it’s time for a change.

A new season is soon upon us, and with that, consider a fresh start…and don’t we all need one!

The camping trailer is getting shone up, you’ve started planning some get-a-ways,  the pool is open, and short-shorts and bathing suits find their way back into your drawers or closet. 

This year it’s the season for new beginnings, maybe a vacation?  We are all welcoming new routines, we are setting new fitness and health goals.  So maybe now is the perfect time focus on a new look!

Let’s do this!

Now what will it be? Shorter hair, longer hair, new colour?

How about a heavy fringe, textured wave or blunt cut?

It’s time!

Let’s create traffic stopping hair, and a ‘New You’ for the summer of 2021!

But where do we begin? This is not usually a one visit to the salon process, this will take some time.  

Patience! Patience!

You will more than likely need a big trim and maybe some protein treatments to repair any damage that has happened while you have been hanging out at home, going for long walks, or working outside in the yard.  You and your stylist can discuss where you would like to take your look.

To go to darker richer tones, you will need to take this in stages or you will end up with a muddy and flat looking hair colour. Your patience will be required in order to get there, but the results will be incredible! Guaranteed!

Maybe you still like your hair colour, but you need a change in your style. How about a fringe? With just a few little snips of the scissors we can create a brand-new look! But be aware, fringes require work. Most of us have lumps, jumps, kinks and bends right along the hairline. If this is your case, you need to be prepared to style your new fringe daily.

I always get asked at any season change–“What is the look for the season?” Years ago, I truly believe there was a “look”. There was the Jennifer Anniston, the pixie, the beveled bob, and the angled bob; and these are just a few that I can remember! I strongly believe that times have changed! My advice to anyone who asks me this is as follows: If you feel confident in your look, then that’s the style of the season!

“If you feel confident in your look, then that’s the style of the season!” – Shawna

Our stylists won’t allow you to walk around looking ridiculous. With colour and style changes you will more than likely need to change your make up and clothing colour choices.

So yes! It’s time to go shopping! New hair, new clothes, new makeup, oh and you may as well paint your house! (Wink!)

Embrace this new season! Embrace your new look! It’s time to shine again!

Contact your stylist today, begin the thought process of change, this way a plan can be put into action as soon as the summer sun is upon us.

Love (Xoxo)


Author:  Shawna Small

Author: Shawna Small

Owner, InStyle Hair Studio
Shawna has owned Instyle Hair Studio for 20+ Years. She is also an avid fitness and wellness instructor. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook @InstyleKincardine

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